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My past dogs

#7 Gavryusha (Gabby)

Pigeon (a common street one).

September ??, 2005 - January 22, 2017

His entire life was one big, creative attempt at Darwin awards. From tying a knot of wire around his neck, to landing on a lit burner, to uncounted attempts to get under his master's foot.

Despite having not 9, but it felt like, 27 lives, he finally succeeded.

His epitaph shall be "An unfamiliar dog? Naw, I don't feel like lifting off."

We will be missing him.


#6 - Leesah (Foxy)

Nov 2004 - March 27, 2013


#5 - Kusya (Snappy)

nov 2002 - Jan 27, 2012

She was exceptionally open and friendly getting along with anyone from a poodle to a wolf-hound. She even chased cats purely out of curiosity.


#3 - Marta

Jan.1994 - 20th july 2004

#4 - Hilary

Doughter of Veta
Jan. 1995 - 19 march 2002
She was a very good dog.
People! Don't let your dogs roam over highways!


#2 - Veta

Nov.1991 - 3 Aug. 2002
She was a good and smart dog ald she left many childs and grandchilds...

#1 - Zhuzha

October 1989 - April 1990
 My first dog