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Currently this page is just a stub. I barely manage the Russian version, so the English version is almost empty. You can find lots of similar content by feeding words "Ranma" and "Sailor Moon" to Google, so you didn't miss much.

Names Translation

All the names in Japanese have a direct meaning (a fact actively exploited by manga writers). So, all names of "Ranma 1/2" characters are meaningful. Here is my translation. I believe it's precise enough (including words that have several meanings).

Original Japanese (Surname - Name)

English translation (Name - Surname)

Takahashi Rumiko

Entrancingbeauty Highbridge

Saotome Ranma

Wild Maid (*)

Saotome Genma

Shady Maid

Saotome Nodoka

Tranquil Maid

Tendou Akane

Scarlet Heavensway

Tendou Kasumi

Misty Heavensway

Tendou Nabiki

Bend Heavensway

Tendou Souun

Fastcloud Heavensway

Hibiki Ryouga

Goodfang Resound

Kunou Tatewaki

Swordsman Gifted

Kunou Kodachi

??? Gifted

Kuonji Ukyou

Maidofhonor Everfar (**)


Chop-suei (Vegetablestew)

(*): 1. strictly speaking it should be "Wild horse", not "Wild", but as I discovered, some characters in people's names not necessarily mean what they mean, being there for the sake of sounding right. I, at least, saw Ranma's name written with different "ma" character than "horse". Same as with the "field" character in the Senshi surnames meaning just "no" ("of").

2. There are other meanings to "Saotome". For example, its characters mean "Fast/Early Maiden/Young lady". But if perceive by the sound of it, the closest is "Maid".

(**): So I was told. It's a pun, because literally her name means different things.

A pun resurrected

REMOVED. I just received a page from the original manga. The anime turned it completely upside down, it's really a bufoon / boofun / buffoon -style pun.

Burn the anime makers at the stake!

The page 88 of volume 1 of Ranma manga, reconstructed.