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Программирование в X Window средствами Free Pascal
Advanced Real-Time Per-Pixel Lighting in OpenGL
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TransGaming Technologies - to play Win-based games on Linux
Guide to Disabling or Uninstalling Flash (Die, annoying Flash banners!)
Mozilla - my favorite Web browser. Better call it "Bane of banners", because it has "disable all images from this server" in its right-click pop-up menu. Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
Tamriel Rebuilt
The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism

Politics thread on the GameDev.net forum



Usually, I don't like comixes, but there, as in any other area, always are bright exceptions, which are either funny or mad enough for me to like them. Here is what I like:

Ian's Adventures in Morrowind

Errant story

*Exploitation Now*(MATURE)
Quotation from the Keenspot Entertainment: Exploitation Now, an epic tale, set in a time of strife and chaos where errant bastard offspring of Hello Kitty(tm), ex-porn stars, and misunderstood teenage evil super villains had to struggle and sacrifice to survive till their next breath in a dramatic study on the misanthropic male/female relationship.... Or it could just be another dumb, anime-inspired, Tll of contrived garbage like toxic nipple pasties, the elder god Cthulu, ambiguous lesbian subtext, flashback inducing bags of pot, ray guns, porno over breakfast, and the demon Naughtius. Even the guy who writes it still isn't quite sure himself...
Total size of pictures in the comix is about 17 megabytes in 330 strips. Current state: finished (i.e. no new strips after august 2002)