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one sholuld play games more often than I do.

My personal game rating

Games which I love for IMMERSION

(And the good immersion is a such rare thing today...)

I. Robinson's Requiem (3d adventure/survival quest powered with BODY SIMULATOR - The only I seen in all my gamer's life!) 1994, Silmarils. Unfortunately, it is not playable today (partially because it cannot run in Windows DOS box), and has only one quite poor sequel, Deus (1996, Silmarils)

II. TES II: Daggerfall - an excellent world to live in. Despite any bugs.

II. Fallout, 1/a> (RPG, BlackIsle/Interplay) - Despite non-realistic model of damage and brain-dead AI, it gives a FREEDOM!.. You decide what to do on your own, not the scenario writer. Plus no stupid "classes" as in other RPGs...And did you seen any other RPG which you can go from beginning to finale being not made even single shot and not killed even single creature?.. Or you seen any other RPG where you can pass first half of game as slut, and in second turn to merciless sniper?...

Riven (Myst II)

Games which I just like

I. Ranma Ѕ Akaneko-dan teki Hihou (SEGA/SuperNintendo). Guess, why I like this jRPG?... Riiiight, it's Ranma and his fiend's adventures.

II. Ranma Ѕ Chougi Rambuhen (SEGA/SuperNintendo) Guess, why I like this platform fighting?.. Riiiight, because its characters are the Ranma gang.

III. Anachronox - excellent adventure (even despite the obsolete 3d-graphics, and the Quake2 engine)

IV. Arcanum: of steamworks and magic obscura. Very similar to Fallout in its spirit.

V. Interstate 76

VI. X-COM: UFO defense - for excellent design and gameplay

VII. Half-Life

VIII. Unreal - the great ambience


Games,which I like not too much

I. Doom (1,2,etc.) and Quake 2 I just don't like 1st person shooters anymore... Who knows why...
II. Baldur's Gate - it is too boring and mathematic-based. And, unlike Fallout, it has no any freedom.
III. Quake III - it is too arcade-like.

Games, which I hate

I TES3: Morrowind - Excellent idea, spoiled by crude implementation (mostly, because engine sucks)
II. Blood II - for crude models and incredible slow loading


Games, which I never played

Wolfenstein 3d
Planescape: Torment
Deus Ex
Icewind Dale


First PC game which I played in my life

Prince of Persia