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Cheb's Game Engine Quake II facelift
Штошник на ушах


This software has only a Russian interface, it's aimed at the Rissian fansubbing scene, it stopped its developing... So I stopped updating the English pages realated to it. This page has been Babelfished.

The utility "RipRetimer"

(Must Have in toolkit fansubber)

Discussion at forum Kage Project}

Reflected, as the tool of the translator, but according to Kage I have altered it, having transformed in the universal tool useful both for the translator, and for the spectator.

The basic idea: to store I do not booze different translations for different rips, and one translation and a set of scripts of transformation to different rips. Transformation mentions only timing>, not touching " the sacred cow " - the text of translation, creation of the script evidently enough that with it the average user has consulted also, and is started the ready script by one click of mice.

Additional utility: easily consults with " complex crises " timing when pieces of film in different rips are rearranged by places, and allows to collect sub from pieces of different files (for example to add translation opening from an external file).

Plus for the translator: much more evidently and more conveniently DSRT in that, as to retiming (especially in complex cases when splitting into phrases in a source code and the standard does not coincide).

While understands only SRT, but support SSA/ASS is planned also.

Platforms: while it is realized only for Windows-intel386, but source codes of 100 % cross-country-platform, the environment of development allows to compile: the interactive version with the graphic interface - still and under Linux-intel386; the version for command line (only assembly of ready scripts) - under above-stated + Linux-AMD64, Linux-Sparc, Linux-PowerPc, MasOs and MacOs X, NetWare, FreeBSD and MorphOS (and can and still under what).

I have already altered by means of this program of a series 5 - 10 to Sailormoon from Bedazzle, and also have adapted series 1..10 from that timing, that at me, to that (as I see) it is more widespread (and a case heavy: pieces up to an advertising pause and after are shifted, and everyone on the, introductory I "shall punish" and opening in general have exchanged places, and ending also will shift in own way... Only 5 different time shifts).


1. Support ASS/SSA
2. Final operational development of the interface
3. The facilitated collector of scripts for a command line (50..100 KB)

The status: v 0.97, a beta

Differences 0.97 from 0.96:
Genocide among bugs of the interface. I hope, that survived was not present.
Convenience of work is noticeably raised: now in the script the condition of the editor (for each target file separately) is remembered: the open scripts, the chosen segment... Having closed the program and having started it again, you continue precisely from the same place where have interrupted work. The set of test scripts is updated for demonstration of this feature.
The button " New on daws and reset. Them " it is replaced on checkbox " To dump labels ".

Differences 0.96 from 0.95:
It is corrected serious a bug: the button " New, on values " did not work.
Presentation of the interface is improved: now at search of segments in the list, phrases belonging them are allocated in a source code and reference engsub, allowing visually to check correctness of splitting sub.
Buttons of change of a segment and addition new on selections (in a source code and reference engsub) are added.

Differences 0.95 from 0.94:
The irritating bug with incorrect behaviour of a window " a mode of the developer " is corrected fine, but. Now it is turned off as it is necessary, on the Panel of problems, and has the button on it.
Now it is impossible to start some copies of the program simultaneously, that should prevent damage of a file of the script.

Differences 0.94 from 0.93:
The bug with incorrect work of the button " is corrected To choose a folder with subs ".
Partially managed attempt to attach to the application icon. However, on the bar of tasks and in headings of windows it all equally is not displayed: similar, in Lazarus support icons while is left unfinished.

Differences 0.93 from 0.92:
In connection with planned in the future support SSA, the project is renamed in RipRetimer, and expansion of files of the script is replaced on .RRP
Now " the mode of the user " from one window with the list rips by default joins. To pass to editing scripts, click " the Mode of the developer ".
Registration RRP of files in the register, for opening by one klikom is added.

Differences 0.92 from 0.90:
The opportunity to enter timings for segments manually is added or to copy from the buffer of an exchange, and to correct parameters of existing segments.
Support of several rips on the script is cleaned.
Format SRP of the file has changed, new is incompatible with old. It is treated by easy manual editing - as it to make, the program will tell to you.
Not worked progress-bar is corrected.

Differences 0.90 from an alpha:
Hurrah! It works!