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Cheb's Game Engine Quake II facelift
Штошник на ушах


My MODs and levels for various games

My levels for Doom

...from the faraway 1996...
I failed spring exams then: spent all the time on these 3 single-map WADs for Doom 1

Download (89K)

My levels for WarCraft II

Nothing special

Download (43K)

My Morrowind MOD

   Closed at 75%.
   I lost interest due to dumbest AI in the world, and other great disadvantages of crude Morrowind engine.


My level for Duke Nukem 3d


1. the nice volcano with broken control panel (fig. a) ;)

2. The gate between really parrallel worlds (fig. b...f)

3. The endless cycled pit: what is dropped down, falls from the top, and again, and again (fig. g)

a: b:

c: d:

e: f:


English translations for some Russian inscriptions:

Authorized personnel only

Shrinker for free!

By the way, cheese is free only in mouse traps.

DON'T break!

Remember! To avoid appliance damage, do not increase power more often than one time per minute.